Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update 3 - Final Assignment

Finally finished my R&D on the title effects im going to use - im pretty happy with them. It was kinda fun just experimenting with the different filters within After Effects to see how one can combine them to get different effects. I havent touched the score in the assignment, im pretty happy with my attempts at it in update 2. As far as the final screams go - i left these in because i intended to use the titles to add a way of synching them in with the rest of the project. Im pleased to hear you like it! i have to admit, it was a very frustrating experience to finally get it to this point - because of the sparing use of sounds and their visceral and strange tambre.

My initial idea for the titles was to have them track to the footage - unfortunately though, because the footage builds up in speed - this would make the titles basically unreadable. So ive opted for these 2 sets of effects which when given priority to their placement on the screen should get the overall effect i was after - which was to lead the viewers eye.

Only thing left to do now is sych these titles into the rest of the footage then add some more audio fx to accompany them and synch them with the rest of the piece. I left my initial ideas over whether this would be a opening sequence or teaser open - and this has continued to the very end - im pretty sure this piece can be used as either - but ive leaned towards a teaser more because the score comes to a crescendo - which is a regular thing with most teasers.

Also im more of less happy with the color correction, although i have been playing around with a purely black and white scheme and am thinking of leaving only the titles in color - so as to make the piece all the more darker and atmospheric - not to mention this would further help the titles lead the vievers eye. Im quite sure ill probably end up making both versions and finally submitting one of them in the end.

Nevertheless here is a link and an embedded version:

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