Monday, April 20, 2009


Finally completed the assignment, im pretty happy with how its turned out, i had to throw some of my ideas regarding the titles out the window but ive come up with some new ones that im pretty pleased with. Im really digging the score in this now - especially when the volume is high - really seems to work well with the titles. Still would have like a less shaky camera move - i tried the stabilize the motion in after effects but that feature seems more suited to non moving camera motions. I hope you enjoy. Link:

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  1. This is impressive Atahan. It's a wonderfully constructed and coherent piece of work. There's a subtle use of effects to develop the atmosphere and build a sense of a story. The minimalism of the titles and effects coupled with the sound track and images effectively build a sense of a storyworld and a unique aesthetic for the project. The video could work as a trailer, promo, or as a standalone work. The soundtrack is particularly impressive, you've done some intricate things here subtly tying in changes in sound with image transitions and atmospheres. I think its a great example of editing using a compositional approach to sound and image. I'd really like to use it as an example for my media project students next semester, if that's ok with you?

    You have also managed your time really well delivering before deadline by spending more time in pre-production working out and nailing your project concept and development (which saved you time during production as well as resources). The result is that you've also had more time in post-production to compose and bring your elements together. This is a very important part of developing your skills as a director/producer - making careful assessments of what can be delivered to deadline and scaling your project appropriately. Your project has a completeness about it from beginning to end, and it evident that you've taken into consideration every element that is part of the composition - mood, atmosphere, story, chromatics, lighting, audience, platform output, image and sound relationships, texture, motion, rhythm, story arc, transitions, shifts in tempo and so on. You are definitely on the road to working as as Digital Video producer/editor and I look forward to seeing your video work on the web and across platforms over the next few decades. Congratulations.