Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update 2

Finally got the soundtrack to synch with the visuals to some extent - more or less happy with the score for now. Im gonna move onto the titles now - so a lil R&D is gonna be needed in getting the effects im after and also seeing if i can stumble on some new ones. Ideally i would have like to have some sort of rig to get smooth pans across the content of the visuals but alas - doing the best i can with what ive got for the moment. With the score ive removed any high paced beats or upbeat sounds from the score entirely - basically thinning it down and making it really minimalist also - relying on the unnerving and jarring sound inbetween the coarse silence to bring about an earie and uneasy feeling within the audience. Ive also tried to support this dark mood through the high contrast and vignetting done in the color correction - which also changes with the score moving from an unsaturated and bleak - almost bleach washed look - into an oversaturated and hyper-real look by the crescendo of the score. Now onto the titles - i still have some ideas about the video i might try if i have time left over... finger crossed. Heres the Current Update:

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  1. It's quite amazing the difference subtle adjustments to the colour and sound have made to your second version. This is working incredibly well particularly the sound with the image. The inclusion of the bell in the sound track synchronised to complete the rising cacophony of sound with the fade to black and decay of sound works very well. Regarding the camera movement - variation in speed of the footage has helped - there is an image stabiliser effect in After Effects, you could see if this helps, but I think its good to work with the camera movement - particularly the opening sequence there's almost a strobe-like effect because of the camera movement that has possibilities. The score is excellently composed with a natural sense of drama and creation of space and atmosphere - reminds me of Italian Composer - Penderecki (he composed music tracks for Stanley Kubricks Space Odyssey. I think you have a gift with your composing skills. Perhaps the final scream sequence needs some resolution to work it more effectively into the project. The fades from the landscape are a bit abrupt and then combined with the sudden screams. Have you any thoughts on what you could do here? It seems the many revisions this project has gone through has yielded an innovative and sparing approach to your content. It's great what you've achieved so far.