Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Media Storm - i hope a sign of things to come

I was pretty skeptical going into investigating these websites to be honest – my initial thoughts were why would people bother to do this if they weren't in themselves benefiting from it in a financial way – I guess this is a view I've formed about media outlets; over the years I've formed a mistrust towards them. However websites such as media storm to a degree have changed my point of view – I have to say I've not seen a site that is so much about just creating change – within people and communities and bringing them insights into issues that appeal to us on a more human level. Most internet media sites are tailored to popular culture and things that are entertaining or amusing – yet quite mundane and are passing whimsies to say the least – a site like is a great example of this I think. Sure – such sites do have a place in the scheme of things, but there are quite a lot of them, and none of them in my opinion will ever change ones perceptions of the world he/she lives in or their perspectives towards it. Although sites such as may form communities around them, I don't think they encapsulate issues which are hard hitting and effect people as deeply – and as such will never produce and unite a community around it as strongly as a site such as media storm. I think media storm is a great sign of things to come in the future – I think in part – it is a mere reflection of current media platforms such as television and the documentaries it produces – however because its material is so specifically tailored and isn't trying to provide content that appeals to everyone (unlike and its many categories of content) - it has a greater impact on the person. Also the use of feedback platforms such as blogs, comments and email subscriptions on the site give a person a feeling that they aren't the only ones who are seeing this – and that they are part of a large community who support the ideals that this website garners. I think sites such as this which try to make a difference in the world for the better – are a load more value in the larger scheme of things – I only hope that they stay true in their mission and aren't corrupted by outside influences.

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  1. You have certainly struck at the heart of the issue, which is the sharing of content that is more human and humane, and the ability to draw communities together through the exhibition and interaction with this content.