Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Independents taking down the conglomerates

My contention is that the rise in technology combined by the entrepreneurial nature of youth with regard to the internet combined with stigma of mistrust around media conglomerates will eventually lead to the weakening of traditional medias. In fact data done in the world internet project points to the fact that the use of the internet and sites such as the ones observed are taking time spent on traditional medias in the past away from them. I do believe however that traditional medias such as the ABS and BBC are trying to keep up with the advent of independent video sites - but they are really straggling behind because they are still unwilling to let go of their old methodologies of providing content to audiences. This is evident when one looks at the ABC sites - all they've done is move their television format onto the web - the content and form of dissemination remains the same. Even attempts by BBC by providing avenues for interactivity such as "have your say" dont go far enough - to provide your views on something you can blog - in order to have your video on the site you need to give them personal details and its also open to their editing. Hence by not moving away from their approach which has done them so well with traditional medias like television - they are not utilising the capapbilities of the net - and in fact are only helping to support the stigma of mistrust around media conglomerates. Also it can be seen that the independednt sites are more specific in their content - they tailor to a smaller but specific demographic. For instance geek tv is an example of this. Whereas because the government networks make money from having and attracting large audiences - they provide generic content that appeals to all but is never as hard hitting as specifically tailored content. The methods of storytelling on both government and independent sites are the same - alsthough their objectives may differ from factual, news, entertainment - this is because the technology is now easier to access and utilise by all. The delivery of factual content in the independents is much more personalized - they talk to people on the street and get their opinions or raise issues tailored to a specific issue - conversely the government insitutions are more edited and filtered in their content - much more formal and cold - hence less appealing. But thats my two bits all the same.

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