Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trying a hand at traditional sculpting...

This was a real nice change of pace, its awesome being able to explore concepts at the throw of a dice in Zbrush. You can literally start out making a fish and half way scrap the idea and change it up into an orc from mordor when working in 3d, i quickly found at this wasnt the case with traditional sculpting. You really gotta get all your ducks in a row before starting a traditional sculpt, there are huge pitfalls to trying to concept out a piece with traditional sculpey, especially since the clay will literally fall off if it doesnt comply to the armature, if it kinda just hangs off, once the sculpey gets cold over night - it will most likely just fall off, and you'll cry over all the work you had done in the morning when you walk into discover that your piece has self-decapitated overnight. Trust me I know. This happened. I actually ended up resculpting this piece 3 times before finally painting it up.

1st Attempt: head fell off, the sculpey was too far from the armature (had to strip it down and start back from the armature).

2nd Attempt: I did the full sculpt in a generic forward looking pose (kinda what you have a t-pose in 3d i guess), no expression on the face, no Contrapposto, no heart - it was technically sound, but had no heart - and i quickly learnt you cant just repose a real sculpture, i had to resculpt quite abit after bending into a pose.

3rd Attempt: Learnt my lessons well and finally hit a pose i liked and did some self-reference in the mirror to get a nice expression out and finally got it painted up - much thanks to my dog for providing the nose and eye references. Then i learnt it also takes quite a bit to light it... (thank god for my macro lens and experience photographing small stuff). And so heres the result

The Lighting Setup

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