Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Living where there are no life drawing classes....

Ahhh the pitfalls of living out in the west of sydney unfortunately means a lack of life drawing classes available to us budding artists out this ways. Sometimes i wish i lived in the inner city just so i could walk down to a life drawing gig.... then i wake up and head up into the blue mountains to walk the dog, and am grateful for the lack of crowds which seem to drive me ape-shit and are just plain exhausting to be around. Hence this is my version of a life drawing class - giant masonite board, couple clips to hold the paper, water color brushes and a pencil or two, a tune or two on the headphones, and a monitor with a bunch of pictures - it aint the same as a live model thats for sure, and something is lost there in my opinion, but its better than driving 40k's out of my way.... wish someone would bring up some life drawing clubs out to penrith - if anyone knows of any out this way plz drop me msg. Cheers.

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