Thursday, August 23, 2012

A change of pace with Panoramas

Went out to Carawirry log cabins over the weekend, decided it would be a worthwhile opportunity to try out the new tripod and additional knick knacks i got with it to slap together a pano-rig with - a nice change of pace from the macro photos ive been taking. I finally invested in a proper tripod - having gone through two cheepie ones already, figured enough was enough and heard good things about the Horusbennu brand and finally invested in the Horusbennu 1128TT with the LX-3 Ballhead. Threw onto that a cheapie 4 Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider and an L-bracket i bought off ebay, and finally a SEAGULL 1x-2x right angle view machine which comes in handy during macro photos as well - when you're in that weird and awkward body position for like 10 minutes trying to see through the oddly placed viewfinder this things a godsend. The rig worked out pretty well i think, i definitely holds the weight without any problems and is pretty versatile. Heres a couple of the happy snaps i got with it - cant seem to upload the original sized pictures but then again - the originals were like 15 megs each so...

Atahan Zugul 21-08-2012

F-Number: f/3.6 , Shutter Speed: 1/15s, ISO:100, Focal Length: 16mm  - Stitched together 5 photos shot in vertical... This was actually a four wheel drive track - would have been awesome if i actually had a proper four wheel drive.... the rav4 can only go so far... grumble grumble.....

Atahan Zugul 21-08-2012

F-Number: f/3.5 , Shutter Speed: 1/100s, ISO:100, Focal Length: 14mm  - Stitched together ehhhh alot of photo - basically took a photo in 30 degree increments in a circle. Nice spot to camp out at - well worth the drive out past Newcastle - if you dont mind the ticks, leeches, snakes... and other lovely inviting wildlife one encounters in the bush.

Atahan Zugul 21-08-2012

F-Number: f/3.5 , Shutter Speed: 1/60s, ISO:100, Focal Length: 14mm  - Stitched together a whole bunch of photos - one circle shot straight on, then another tilted up, then one tilted down.

In hindsight, i think i need to bump up the F-Number, so as to get everything in focus, otherwise as you tilt the camera up or down or have some things in close to the camera and others far away, some things end up in focus and other out of focus depending on where you set your focus point - you live and learn i guess. 

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