Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing with my new Olympus 35mm Macro lens

Been playing with macro photography of late, thought i'd post some stuff on here. Shot these on my olympus e-500, and a olympus 35mm macro lens i got off ebay - was definitely worth it. Everyone keeps saying you cant shoot insects with this lens coz to get 1:1 the working distance is really really small like around 5cm - which is true, but in all honesty you rarely every use 1:1 unless you wanna like focus on a fly's eyes - usually you're framing is in the 1:1.5 or 1:2 or bigger - and ive shot even bees and flys at these distances with this lens - insects aint as skittish as you might think. And all hand held! - coz its not a higher focal length like a 105mm - you dont have to worry about shaking the lens as much and dont need a tripod on account of the shorter working distance, though i have decided to invest in a small monopod. Tripods are useless in my opinion unless you're in a studio or are using some sort of stalking tactic - like setting up a shot and putting out some bait and waiting for a bug to step in. Also because of the shorter working distance its soooo much easier to use something like a small LED light and give it direction (avoiding the flattening effect of a flash) when the sun ducks behind the clouds. The only down side to this lens i would say is that you dont get the creamy background that you would with a longer focal length, but then again if you're subject is quite a ways away from whats in the background, then you will - so... suffice it say im more than happy with the lens and its working distance and for the measly $175 i paid for it - so very very very happy.

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